What subscriptions do you offer?

We offer the following six customizable produce boxes:

Small Seasonal Box | 6-8 seasonal items -- great for the CSA newbie ($29 per delivery)

Large Seasonal Box | 10-11 seasonal items -- perfect for the avid cook or families ($45 per delivery)

All Fruit Box | 5-6 fruits -- great for fruit lovers ($32 per delivery)

All Veggie Box | 7-8 seasonal vegetables -- ideal for veggie enthusiasts ($32 per delivery)

Local Box | 7-8 seasonal items -- the locavore's delight with all produce sourced within 200 miles or less ($37 per delivery)

Organic Box | 8-9 produce items -- always 100% USDA certified organic ($39 per delivery)


We also offer lots of other things you can add onto your weekly subscription order -- bread, eggs, coffee, meats and more! You can see all your options when you sign up for a subscription!

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